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In '80s, instead of acoustic instruments, electronic synthesizers and electronic drums were started to be used in music.In those years, the music was going between an extreme which does not concern about art and only made for discos; and an extreme which has a standard of a good quality.

But the synthesis that came out at the end, has effected all the people. And after the '80s, there haven't been any other musical synthesis or trend like this...

With the wish of not forgetting the '80s, which has its own fashion, trend and soul...

Kamil Kocak

PS : Most of these sites were closed, unfortunately...

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80's Now Dot Com
Cafe 80s Deutschland
Club 80s com
Club 80s with DJ Lex Internet Radio
Club 977 - The 80s Channel
FNX Radio Network
Generation '80s Retro
Hurricane FM
Radio Hidebound
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